Are Black Window Frames a Good Idea for Your Home in Louisville, KY?

Modern single-story home with light-green siding and striking black-frame windows in various styles, including a triangular picture window accenting the gableOne of the hottest home window replacement trends of the early 21st century is the choice of black window frames instead of the traditional white. Although black window frames have long been common in factories and loft apartments carved from former industrial buildings, they were slow to make their way into the mainstream residential market. Now that you see them on homes throughout Louisville, Kentucky, you may be admiring the sophisticated contrast they create and wondering if black window frames are a good idea for your home, too. If so, here are a few factors to consider:

Your Neighborhood & Deed Restrictions

As with any exterior home upgrade, you’ll want to consider surrounding homes before you make a dramatic change to your home’s appearance. After all, there’s often a fine line between eye-catching and eyesore. If all of the homes in your neighborhood have white window frames, your home may look out of place with other window colors. Also, if your community is governed by a homeowners association, it’s important to get HOA approval before installing black-frame windows.

Your Home’s Architectural Style

Fortunately, black window frames complement just about any house color, but they may not be ideal for some architectural styles. Exterior home design professionals often recommend black window frames for modern homes, and they can also work well on farmhouse-style homes, rustic A-frame homes, and even some cottages. If you have a colonial-style home, however, you may wish to stick to tried-and-true white windows.

The Fade Resistance of Your Replacement Windows

Among the reasons why black windows have surged in popularity is that frame materials have come a long way in terms of fade resistance. However, that doesn’t mean that all manufacturers offering black or other dark window colors pay the same amount of attention to creating windows that last. If you’re interested in remodeling your home with black window frames, you’ll want to explore fiberglass windows, which offer better fade resistance than vinyl-frame windows.

At Weber Windows, we’ve been in the window business in the Louisville area since 1974, and we offer and install many types of replacement windows, including top-of-the-line, black fiberglass windows. We’ll be happy to help you select the ideal replacement windows for your Louisville home. Contact us today to get started.