Case Studies

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After Years of Drafty Windows, Family Finally Says “Enough”

Denise and Gary Lawson were not unaware that their windows were old and inefficient. After all, their home was 32 years old, and the windows had never been replaced. They actually started looking at replacement windows at trade shows and in stores five years ago. One of their concerns was maintaining the traditional look of the home, while getting better energy-efficiency... Read More

Maintaining the Style of the Home When Upgrading Windows

Ray and Sherry Lantz’s home was 25 years old, relatively young in the construction business. But their windows were original to the home and were not energy efficient any more. They actually started thinking about replacement windows a couple of years earlier, but weren’t ready make the upgrade until just recently... Read More

Enjoying the Outdoors All Year Long

When Sherry K. had some windows replaced five years ago, she got her first taste of the Infinity Windows difference. From that day on, she dreamed of creating a four-seasons porch that would allow her to enjoy the fantastic view that convinced her to buy the house in the first place. Currently, the lack of heat control and mold made the space unusable and detracted from the home’s overall beauty. Read More.