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What Does Your No Hassle Guarantee Mean?

When we say “No hassles” We mean no hassles. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible throughout the entire experience. That way you always know what’s going on. To us, the experience is everything. That means that we put our know-how and expertise to work for you to make the experience the best it can be. “No hassles” means that when we give you a deadline, we stick to it. We don’t want any part of the experience to be bad for you, so we make sure that every part of the process is covered.

What Do Your Services Cost? And, How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition?

We never aim to be the lowest priced company. We aim to be the most accurate company. Our prices usually fall in the medium range of the market, so we’re neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive. Our goal is to tell you exactly how much our services cost in the estimate we provide. Accuracy is very important. Once we give you the estimate, we strive to give you the best bang for your buck, so to speak. We compete on quality and experience, not on price.

In the end we compete with our experience, our reliability and our dedication to the perfect job. We then provide the best price we can. Our accurate estimates will mean you know how much the job will cost, with no nasty surprises at the end.

Aren’t all Companies the Same?

All companies are not the same. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. There are contractors out there that are mostly good, but have bad projects every now and then. They have delays, or go over budget because of unforeseen circumstances.

Most companies try to fit their work into your lowest idea of a budget. That means they want to charge you for the most they can inside your budget while meeting your lowest ideas of what you can afford. The problem with this approach is that most customers can actually afford to do much more with their budgets than most contractors will allow them to believe. Even with a low budget, a lot of work can be done.

We work in a different way. Other companies may focus on things like roofing, siding, gutters, etc. and offer windows and doors to "round out the package". They may be experts at roofing and siding, but buy their windows from the local wholesale store. We are focused solely on using high quality windows and doors and employees that are trained for the proper installation method of those products.

Why Do Remodelers Lie About or Low Ball Their Estimates?

They want your business. That means they will do almost anything to make sure they have the best chance of doing so. That includes trying to lowball their estimates. They try to model themselves into your budget. That means that even if you can afford more, they will try to offer you the lowest prices and materials possible.

Do You Really Think That Your Company is the Best?

Absolutely! But more importantly, our customers think so, which is why we have received the Angie's List Super Service Award each and every year is has been offered in Louisville to date (as of 2014). In addition we are a BBB Accredited A+ business and proud recipients of the BBB Torch Award for business marketplace ethics.

Are we perfect? No. We are only human and make mistakes just like everyone else. The difference is, we take ownership if we drop the ball rather than running from our mistakes or finger-pointing.

If you don’t choose us, be sure to use our “Contractor Standards Guide” book to make sure the contractor you choose is the best they can be – and don’t be afraid to put us to the same test!

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