What Are the Best Replacement Windows for Homeowners in Louisville, KY?

Bay window over kitchen sinkThe best replacement windows for homeowners in the Louisville area are the ones that will look beautiful and function properly not only on the day they’re installed but also every day for decades into the future. That’s no mean feat, given Kentucky’s variable climate. Our hot, humid summers and bitterly cold winters can take quite a toll on ordinary windows, causing them to swell and shrink as the temperatures rise and fall. Over time, this expansion-and-contraction pattern can cause windows to stick and become difficult to open and close. Or, worse, it can damage the seal between the frame and the glass, which can lead to water and air infiltration.

For this reason and others, fiberglass replacement windows are the best option for Louisville homeowners. Fiberglass window frames are much stronger and more weather resistant than frames crafted from vinyl or wood, two of the common choices for homes in this area. What’s more, fiberglass is far less likely to shrink and swell when the temperatures change, so there’s less risk of seal failure.

Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Windows

Hands down, the best fiberglass replacement windows come from Infinity® from Marvin. All windows from this manufacturer are not only ultra-strong and durable but also customized to fit each home’s window openings and to suit each customer’s aesthetic tastes. For those who love the traditional look of wood, there’s even a natural woodgrain option for the interior frames. What’s more, these windows are loaded with energy-efficient benefits, so they can potentially help homeowners lower their cooling and heating costs. Additionally, Infinity® replacement windows are built to last a lifetime, and they’re backed by industry-leading lifetime warranties.

At Weber Windows, we’ve been in the window business in the Louisville area since 1974, and we heartily recommend Infinity® windows to our customers. However, we recognize that the best replacement windows can also depend on the customer’s budget and other factors, so we offer high-quality vinyl windows and wood-frame windows in addition to Infinity® windows.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows, contact Weber Windows today to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the best options for your Louisville home.