What Is the Difference Between French Doors and Patio Doors?

The term “French doors” typically refers to a pair of hinged patio doors that swing open to allow you to move between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. French doors usually include window glass that extends almost the entire height of the door, allowing an ample view of the outdoors. These doors are now available with options such as grids inside the glass, exterior grilles that simulate divided light, and blinds between double panes of glass.

Although French doors are certainly a long-established and popular style of patio doors, many people think of sliding glass doors when they hear the term “patio door.” Sliding glass patio doors can be sleek and stylish, but their biggest claim to fame is the way they economize space. If you opt for sliding glass doors, you’ll have more square footage for furniture and shelving near your patio door because, unlike French doors, sliding doors don’t require clearance to swing open and closed. If you choose French-style patio doors, you’ll need to allow a minimum clearance of 30 inches for the door to open. In the case of doors that swing open to the inside, your usable indoor space will be reduced. If the door swings outward, the clearance will be required on your patio.

Get Expert Assistance When Replacing Your Patio Doors

If the patio doors at your home are starting to look shabby or they no longer open and close with ease, it’s time to replace them. Do you have sliding glass doors, but you’ve always admired the sophistication of French doors? Now is the time to investigate the potential for a new style. If, on the other hand, your existing French doors simply get in your way and take up valuable space, the chances are that your home could be outfitted with attractive sliding glass doors. As you make your selection, you’ll also want to make sure your new patio doors will:

  • Enhance the energy efficiency of your home
  • Stand up to the weather in your area for many years
  • Be expertly installed so they’ll deliver the smooth performance you expect

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky, area, the experts at Weber Windows will be happy to assist you. We offer beautiful patio doors, including both French and sliding glass doors, that are sourced from award-winning manufacturers. Contact us today for more information.