The Benefits of Replacing Your Doors for Energy Efficiency

If you’ve been reading anything in the news for the past few years, you know energy efficiency is now firmly part of the home improvement experience. For Louisville, Kentucky, residents, Weber Windows is on the cutting edge of helping you find money to save through energy efficiency in any project.

But did you know that outside of windows, replacement doors are another excellent way to save money on energy costs? Doors and windows rated by ENERGY STAR give customers confidence that their products can help lower energy costs.

Enhancing Your Home With New Doors

Besides upgrading your home’s look, new doors provide more excellent energy cost savings thanks to materials. Fiberglass and steel exterior doors from ProVia and Infinity do not shrink, swell, or warp from moisture like wood doors, making them a higher quality product overall. External doors from either of these companies can give you energy savings year-round!

Improving Indoor Comfort and Air Quality

A front door replacement or new patio doors can also shield you from poor air quality. If it’s a particularly hazy or pollen-filled day, your doors are your defense against Mother Nature. Perfectly insulated doors also lock cold air inside your home, ensuring no wasted air conditioning. After all, your parents used to fuss at you about keeping the doors closed for a good reason!

Environmental Benefits of Energy-Efficient Doors

Environmentally conscious consumers are changing the way home improvement works. While ENERGY STAR has informed consumers for decades, it has become a valuable part of home renovation. Nearly every item with a circuit or directly impacting energy costs comes with easily obtainable ENERGY STAR information. This includes every door variety, such as sliding glass doors, exterior doors, and patio doors, to name a few.

Government Incentives and Tax Credits

While ENERGY STAR is the information provider, state and federal government officials provide incentives and tax credits for homeowners who opt for energy-efficient home improvements. For example, did you know there was a $1,200 tax credit for specific items like windows or patio door replacement?

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