Spice Up Your Home With Bay Windows

Decorating a home can seem like a daunting task for those who are not exactly design savvy. However, there are some simple methods to creating a great and beautiful modern effect for any home. One such way is to spice up a space with some new windows and window adornments. Bay windows (otherwise known as bow or garden windows) let tons of natural sunlight into a space and offer a unique space in which great design can take place. When looking into home replacement windows in Louisville, KY, be sure to consider the following options.

Bay windows can be a great place to simply relax. This is why many people have begun to transform the little niche provided by the windows into sitting areas. Oftentimes, these are created by creating a built-in bench space with a padded cushion below the windows themselves, creating an excellent and casual space for relaxing and cracking open a new book. This setup can be easily accented with the use of a couple of throw pillows.

If you’re looking for a slightly more formal setup, a couple of simple chairs in the area can look excellent. No overstuffed easy chairs – just a simple but cushioned choice, possible with a small end table to support beverages or snacks while you enjoy the well-lighted space at hand. The best way to add a bit more flair to an area set up in this manner is to choose a set of curtains which contrast with the chairs or the fabric on said chairs in a nice way without drawing too much attention away from the sitting area.

Overall, bay windows offer homeowners an excellent yet simple way to add a little bit of elegance into any bedroom, living space or other area of the house. When shopping for home replacement windows in Louisville, KY remember that your selection can be fashionable as well as functional.