Why Are My Windows So Drafty?

Drafty windows are a problem. Not only do they let in the air from the outside, but they can cause air leakage from the inside of your home. A drafty window is a symptom of a more significant issue with your windows. Drafts are the number one way to tell it’s time for new windows.

Your old windows are trying to tell you that they may need to be replaced – and soon. Weber Windows is here to help you find the cause of this issue and, hopefully, a manageable solution. Let’s get started.

What’s Causing These Drafts?

Drafty windows often result from wear and tear over time. Aging window seals, deteriorating weather stripping, or gaps in the window frame allow outside air to infiltrate. Poor installation, damaged glass, or shifting foundations are also contributing factors. At the end of the day, if your windows are old, they may need replacing.

Drafty Windows: How to Inspect

There are plenty of ways you can diagnose a drafty window. Many of them don’t require anything more than just a simple inspection. Still, you need to know what you’re looking for. Here are a few of those symptoms:

  • High energy bills: Have your power bills suddenly become more expensive? You may be throwing money out the window, thanks to that draft.
  • Air leaks: Here’s the big symptom. All you need to do is move your hand around the window edging. If you feel air moving, then you have a draft.
  • Gaps and cracks: A visual inspection with a lit candle can help here. If the flame flickers, then you have a draft.
  • Worn weather stripping: After years of use, weather stripping can become brittle or less effective.

The solution for a drafty window is simple: replacement windows. New energy-efficient windows can help here and are affordable. In fact, replacement windows have gotten so energy-efficient these days that they can often pay for themselves in reduced energy costs.

Weber Can Help!

Weber Windows is your choice for new windows – significantly if drafty windows cost you money. Instead of throwing money out of that old window, contact us to help replace it!