How to Choose the Right Window Styles for Louisville's Historic Homes

Owning a historic home in Louisville, Kentucky, is a cherished experience, but it also comes with the responsibility of preserving its architectural integrity. Installing replacement windows on these homes can be tricky as there are all sorts of different rules and regulations in place. Maintaining the historical charm lies in researching and selecting the right window styles and materials that complement the home's unique character and history.

Research the Architectural Style

Before embarking on any window replacement project, it is essential to understand the architectural style of your historic home. Louisville boasts a rich history with diverse building styles. By researching the specific characteristics of your home's style, you can identify the window styles that were prevalent during that era and try to recreate them. Weber Windows, a local family-owned company that’s been repairing, servicing, and installing every brand of window on the market since 1974, is here to help!

Authenticity and Preservation

Preserving the authenticity of your historic home is crucial when selecting window styles. Consult historical resources, preservation societies, or even local experts to understand the original window styles prevalent during the time your historic home was built.

Authenticity also matters when it comes to the material you choose for your windows. Wood windows are the best choice for any historically accurate home—and the JELD-WEN wood-framed windows Weber Windows installs are beautiful, durable, and energy efficient.

In addition to traditional wood windows, fiberglass windows are making their way into many historic districts due to their timeless appearance that mimics that of traditional wood windows with the addition of durability that lasts. If you prefer fiberglass windows over wood, consider the Infinity line by Marvin installed by Weber Windows!

Balance Aesthetics and Modern Functionality

While staying true to the home’s original style is essential, it is also vital to consider modern functionalities when replacing windows. Energy efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance are crucial factors to consider. Fortunately, Weber Windows offers a variety of window styles that combine traditional aesthetics with modern technology, supplying the best of both worlds for historic homeowners in Louisville.

If you live in a historic home and want to replace your home’s windows, make sure to contact your local preservation district committee and follow their design guidelines before starting any window installation project. We also welcome you to contact us today for more information or to discuss your window replacement needs!