Did You Know That By Simply Replacing Your Door With An Ultra Efficient Fiberglass Door You Can Recover Over 58% Of The Cost In Energy Savings Alone?

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After 40+ years in the industry, we can honestly say that most people never really think about their entry doors until they stop functioning properly or security becomes compromised. Sure, a lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about replacing their windows, but they rarely, if ever, give a second thought to their doors.

The reality is that the entry door to your home is an integral part to the overall energy efficiency of your home. In fact, most people do not realize the s significant improvement a quality door can make in their energy bills. For example, according to the E.P.A. Having just a ¼ inch gap around your doors is the equivalent of having a six inch hole in the wall. The problem is that these gaps happen all the time because even the most advanced doors on the market today won't last forever. (Although ours come pretty close)

Here is the reality: your entry door has to do a lot of work and look great doing it – it has to durable, insulate well, open and close easily, lock securely and wouldn’t it be nice if it looked good too? Unfortunately, after just a few years a door starts to fail in one or more of these areas.

Whether you need a front entry door, patio door, sliding door or French door it is imperative to have the right sized door for the right opening. Also, as important as it is to have proper installation on your windows it is even more critical with doors. Most doors are opened and closed hundreds of times for each time a window is opened, so they must be installed perfectly to function properly over time.

So here is a simple question, when was the last time you took a close look at your exterior doors?

Bottom Line: if you think you need a new door – you're probably right.

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