Beautiful Patio & Entry Doors That Come With Bonus Benefits for Homes in Louisville, KY

Did you know that you can dramatically improve the appearance of your home while also potentially reducing your heating and cooling costs simply by replacing your patio and entry doors? If you’re like many homeowners in the Louisville, Kentucky, area, you’re probably living in a home with exterior doors that were installed decades ago. The experts at Weber Windows will be delighted to help you get all the benefits that modern technology provides by choosing the ideal patio or entry doors for your home.

Types of Patio Doors We Install

Weber Doors Services

A patio door serves the dual purpose of access to your home while also allowing in plenty of sunshine and outdoor views. Weber Windows installs both sliding patio doors and elegantly styled French doors.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding Patio Door Systems are an excellent, economical way to protect your home, while gaining the benefits of maximum natural lighting.

Weber Windows offers Sliding Patio Doors in a variety of sizes and styles from several manufacturers, including Infinity from Marvin. We offer Sliding Patio Doors made from Fiberglass, Wood or Clad Wood and Vinyl. Sliding doors are even available with a French rail, which means that the lower rail of the door is taller and blends nicely when you have Swing doors and Sliding doors in the same room.

Each door that Weber Windows installs comes in a variety of color options and styles. Our patio door experts are happy to discuss the merits of each style, and to help you choose the color that best accents your home.

French Swing Doors

French Swing Doors

French Swing patio doors are an increasingly popular home update. A French Swing door adds elegance and style to any home.

Whether you are replacing an existing sliding patio door or swing patio door, Weber Windows has a selection of low maintenance, energy efficient French Swing patio doors to fit your needs.

Weber Windows’ patio doors stand up to the rigors of day-to-day use and Mother Nature’s punishments, without warping or cracking. For the best in looks, durability, energy-efficiency, low maintenance and value, Weber Windows’ custom French Swing door systems and sliding patio doors are custom made to fit your home perfectly!

Interior home shot of beautiful front door with ornate etched glass in both the center door and sidelights

Entry Doors That Will Stand the Test of Time

At Weber Windows, we know our customers count on us to provide them with high-quality upgrades that will go the distance in our humid and variable climate. This type of climate takes a heavy toll on traditional wooden front doors, unless they’re diligently taken care of. That’s one of the top reasons why we’ve partnered with ProVia®, an award-winning exterior door manufacturer that offers both fiberglass and steel options and has a reputation for exquisite craftsmanship. The ProVia entry doors we install for customers throughout the Louisville area:

  • Won’t warp, crack, absorb moisture, or shrink and swell, which means they’ll perform as intended for decades
  • Are built to boost any home’s energy efficiency and provide exceptional security
  • Are custom-sized to fit their designated openings, which means any new door you receive from us will provide your home with a tailored look and reliable performance

Additionally, you’ll be able to choose from a generous array of features, including a smooth or simulated woodgrain appearance, decorative glass, hardware, and more. And you’ll be able to count on Weber Windows for expert installation services so you can feel confident that your new front door will deliver all the advertised benefits.

To learn more about the patio and entry doors we install for homeowners throughout the Louisville area, contact Weber Windows today.