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At Weber Windows we realize that you have many questions when thinking about replacing your existing doors. Here are some questions that we are frequently asked when consulting with clients about installing new doors in their Kentucky and southern Indiana homes.

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When choosing a door what materials are better – steel/fiberglass/wood?

It’s all about choice – your style, and your needs. Kentucky has some very unique weather patterns and no two homes are alike. As previously mentioned, if you have a home with an entry door that is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, you may want to consider a steel or fiberglass door that is less prone to expansion and contraction. Bottom line: whether steel, fiberglass or wood, all our products are constructed above industry standards.

What are the advantages of fiberglass over wood and steel?

Unlike wood doors, fiberglass won't dent, crack, split or splinter. Unlike steel doors, fiberglass won't dent, rust or warp, either. Fiberglass also resists shrinking and swelling with temperature changes, allowing the finish to last three times longer than on a wood door. The solid polyurethane foam core offers five times greater insulation value than wood doors. The newest generation of fiberglass doors look exactly like wood, without the worry of maintenance or decay.

I am designing my home and having difficulty selecting a door, do you have anything to help me in making my decision?

We understand your predicament. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different doors and styles. But to answer your question directly, yes we can help. We have a Build Your Door program that is available to help customers pick out and build the perfect door for their home.

Are your products energy star rated?

Our products are Energy Star Qualified according to strict criteria to help keep your home comfortable and energy efficient as well as safe and secure.

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