Shopping for Double-Hung Windows for Your Home in Louisville, KY? Here’s a Checklist of Things to Consider

Double-hung windows have long been among the most popular window styles in the country because they provide many advantages over other types of windows. For one thing, they function by sliding up and down, which requires less space than windows that swing open and shut. Additionally, both the top and bottom sashes slide up and down, which allows for better ventilation when the weather is nice outside.

Another reason that many homeowners in Louisville and surrounding Kentucky communities choose double-hung windows is that these windows so perfectly complement the architectural styles of homes in this area. Whether your home sports Victorian flair, Colonial grandeur, or the cozy appeal of a bungalow or ranch design, you can’t go wrong with double-hung windows.

Getting the Most from Your Replacement Windows

No matter what type of windows you’re considering for purchase, you’ll want to evaluate their features to get the best value for your investment. Here’s a checklist of important questions to get you started:

Energy Efficiency

Make sure any windows you buy are ENERGY STAR® certified. This certification means you can count on your new windows to help you reduce demand on your heating and cooling systems, and thus potentially lower your energy bills.


Fiberglass is the strongest window-frame material on the market. What’s more, fiberglass windows don’t expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes, which provides them with superior resistance to seal failure. However, premium vinyl frames can also be a good choice.


Many of today’s synthetic window-frame materials are available with a realistic simulation of wood or with a combination of vinyl exterior frames and real wood frames for the interior.

Weber Windows is proud to offer some of the most beautiful, long-lasting, and energy-efficient double-hung windows on the market. Plus, unlike many other window companies, we provide expert installations by our own manufacturer-certified employees, not subcontractors whose qualifications may be unknown.

We’ll be happy to help you sort through the options and get the best double-hung windows to adorn your home for years to come. Contact Weber Windows today to schedule a free consultation at our showroom or your home in the Louisville area.