Why Double-Glazed Windows Are a Must for Homes in the Louisville, KY, Area

Louisville homeowners on the hunt for replacement windows will undoubtedly be interested in choosing windows that can potentially help them lower the costs of heating and cooling their homes. In this part of Kentucky, we often experience bitterly cold winters and intensely warm summers, so it’s important to choose windows that can help you keep your indoor areas at a comfortable temperature year-round without excessive demand on your heating and cooling systems. Double-glazed windows are a good choice because they feature two panes of glass, one in front of the other, to provide an extra barrier against heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Often the space between the panes is filled with argon gas to further enhance the window’s thermal efficiency.

This feature is one of many that can help windows qualify for ENERGY STAR® certification. The ENERGY STAR® label is intended to help homeowners identify home upgrades that can lead to lower energy consumption.

At Weber Windows, we recognize the importance of installing energy-efficient home upgrades for our customers. In fact, we’ve met the high standards to become an ENERGY STAR® Partner. If you’re a Louisville resident trying to wade through the vast assortment of replacement windows claiming to be energy efficient, we’ll be happy to use our expertise to help you make the best selection to meet your needs.

Why Infinity® from Marvin Double-Glazed Windows Are Your Ideal Choice

Although we install several brands of high-quality, energy-efficient windows on homes throughout the Louisville area, our top choice is Infinity® from Marvin fiberglass windows. All windows in this line meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards, and Infinity® windows have one of the highest ratings for energy performance from the National Fenestration Rating Council. In addition to offering dual-pane windows with argon gas fills, Infinity® windows are layered with microscopic low-emissivity glass coatings to increase their thermal efficiency by up to 70 percent.

Other benefits of double-glazed windows include a decrease in the amount of outside noise that infiltrates your home and better resistance to impact from flying debris.

To learn more about Infinity® from Marvin windows or the other double-glazed windows we install for homeowners throughout the Louisville area, contact Weber Windows today.