Insist on Expert Installation Services to Go with the Replacement Windows You Choose for Your Louisville Home

Installer inserting window into house opening

It’s a great idea to develop a checklist of priorities when you’re shopping for replacement windows for your home in Louisville, Kentucky. That list will undoubtedly include criteria like window style, energy efficiency, and the type of window-frame material you prefer. Indeed, there’s plenty to think about when you choose new windows, but don’t forget to ask about the quality of the window installation you can expect with any products you’re considering for purchase.

No matter how wonderful the windows you see in a home improvement store or online catalog, they will only perform as advertised if they’re properly installed. Unfortunately, many window companies will sell you windows and then entrust the installation to subcontractors whose skills are unknown. A shoddy window installation can cause many problems, including:

Air Infiltration

Windows that aren’t properly installed can leave your home with tiny openings that allow air from the outside to creep indoors or air from your home to leak outside, thus undermining the energy efficiency you expect to receive from your investment.

Water Leaks

Those same openings can also expose your windows to water leaks that can, over time, lead to wood rot and other potentially costly damage.

Poor Operation

Improper installation can make your windows difficult to open and close.

Diminished Longevity

If your windows aren’t installed properly, they may not last as long as they should, and your product warranty may not remain in effect.

At Weber Windows, we can help ease your mind about choosing replacement windows with our impressive selection of high-quality products and expert installation services. After all, we’ve been in the window business in the Louisville area since 1974. We offer an impressive selection of high-quality windows in your choice of fiberglass, vinyl, or wood, and all of our window installation services are performed by highly trained and experienced professionals whose workmanship is backed by our exceptional labor warranties. Contact us today to learn more.