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  • We offer windows and doors that are beautiful, affordable and long lasting.
  • We educate you about your options so you can make the best decision for your situation.
  • We will do everything in our power to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your service.

Look No Further for a Windows and Doors Provider

Work With a Window Installer in Shelby With Product Guarantees

We are tired of hearing about people who got talked into buying low-quality windows and doors for high-quality prices. These products should last you years, yet we’re constantly getting calls from customers who need their “new” windows and doors repaired or replaced.

You need to work with a window installer in Shelby that will actually stand behind the products it offers. Here at Weber Windows, we only offer our clients high-quality products that will actually last a long time. Not only that, but we don’t try to sell you our products. We educate you about your choices and let you decide. You’ll likely choose our Infinity products because they can withstand almost anything that Mother Nature throws at them.

If you’re looking for new windows or doors that will complement your home, stay functional and withstand a variety of weather conditions, you need to call us. We are a window installer in Shelby that stands beside our products and works hard to give our customers the best service possible. Call us at 888.499.7899 or fill out our our contact form to learn more about what we can offer you.