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Did you know that customer service in this country is actually getting worse? In fact, here is a sobering statistic as reported on the Today show:

"Americans are not very happy consumers. We’re frustrated and angry — and for good reason.

More people than ever are dissatisfied with the products and services they buy, according to a new report from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business. And when there is a problem, we’re less happy with the customer service we receive.

The number of households that experienced “customer rage” — saying they were very or extremely upset about the company response when they complained — jumped from 60 to 68 percent since the last survey in 2011."

Time-and-time again we have seen homeowners make a decision on what windows to buy based on price alone. But one should not focus on price alone—what you should do is focus on "value" not "price."

For example, many homeowners like to buy windows at "big box" retailers. The problem is the way that this system works when there's a problem… and there usually is.

You're "big-box" retailers simply use third-party vendors to install your windows. More often than not they have a list of "approved" sub-contractors and they go down the list as the orders come in. Meaning, who ultimately shows up at your door to install your windows or doors is "luck-of-the-draw." In short, you have no idea who is showing up.

Unfortunately many of these "approved" sub-contractors, ruthlessly cut costs to pad their profits by hiring unskilled and untrained "day-laborers." So inevitably, problems happen with the installation. And here is where the "cycle of madness" begins.

You call the retailer who sold you the product and they tell you to call the sub-contractor. The sub-contractor tells you to call the manufacturer who tells you to call the retailer… and that's if you can even get someone on the phone. And so the "cycle" of madness begins… and all you get is a run-a-round.

Now we're not saying all sub-contractors are bad. What we are saying is that it's a crap shoot and that you have no idea who is showing up to install your windows… are they factory certified? Do they have an ongoing training and certification program, are they background checked, drug screened… etc.?

At Weber Windows, you always know who is showing up—An EXPERT. Experts who are highly trained, highly skilled and direct employees of the company.

But more importantly, if there is ever a problem you don't call some faceless "customer service representative" or worse, an automated answering system where you get to talk to a computer. You call us, and you talk and deal DIRECTLY with the owners.

Bottom Line: Don't trust your home—or your money—to just anyone. Call Weber Windows today.

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