At Weber, It’s All About People NOT Profits…

Maybe That's Why We Have Been Around For Over 40+ Years
And Why Over Half Of Our Business Comes From Referrals.

Weber Windows

Did you know that according to reports published by the Better Business Bureau, home improvement contractors are in the top 1% of the most complained about industries in the U.S. today – right up there with auto repair shops, cable providers and airlines?

Sadly, it would seem that shoddy workmanship, marginal work, and poor customer service are all too commonplace in today’s home improvement industry. The reason: far too many contractors choose to focus on the wrong thing—profits.

We think that's a terrible way to run a business… because when you really think about it, it's PEOPLE that are the lifeblood of any business, NOT PROFITS.

Why? Because when you lose sight of what this industry is really about—people—you are far too willing to compromise, far too willing to settle for shoddy work, and far too willing to cut corners to pad profits. Not to mention the willingness to sacrifice customer service in the attempt to save money.

You could have the best profit margins in the world… but how long do you think those profit margins are going to keep you in business when you consistently do WRONG by the client?

That is why we focus on people. We never lose sight of the fact that this business simply will not work without people. We simply refuse to provide anything less than excellence in EVERYTHING that we do. We learned that when you take care of people—by giving them the absolute best quality materials, workmanship, and service—the profits just take care of themselves.

How do we know—without a doubt—that we are
100% right about our choice to focus on people?

Simple, we've been around for over 40+ years and are still going strong… with over HALF of all our business coming from personal referrals. That is a testament to our company and our belief system.

Bottom Line: You deserve the absolute BEST value for your money— and that includes an honest contractor, who will provide an honest estimate, who only uses the highest quality products and materials, and a contractor who stands behind their work in both word and deed. No One, and I Mean No One, Is Going To Do That Better Than Us…

At Weber Windows: It’s the Perfect Window Installed Perfectly.

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