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We know you have choices – a lot of them – when it comes to choosing new windows for your home. It can be overwhelming trying to compare different brands, types of materials, installation, warranties, etc.

Our consultative approach to window replacement is designed to educate you on the differences between the various materials and products available today so that you have a clear understanding of the pros and cons each represent and make an informed decision on what works best for YOU! In addition to Infinity,

We spent decades repairing and servicing everyone else's windows and doors. But, as repair parts became increasingly unavailable and the windows lived out their exceedingly short life expectancy, our focus moved towards replacement windows & doors. In fact, we have replaced lots of windows that failed in less than 10 years! Those low cost vinyl windows aren't the only culprit, either. We have also seen many "brand name" wood windows that rotted out within the first 7 years!

Bottom Line: We wanted a solution-based product that we would be proud to associate with our family name, and that would work EXACTLY as promised. They had to be affordable, functional and ... BEAUTIFUL.

Jeff took up the challenge to find the "perfect" solution and ultimately his research led us to choose Infinity from Marvin Fiberglass Windows & Doors, and we have never regretted making that choice... not one single bit! To read more about Infinity Brand windows just click here.

We aren't just a one-trick-pony though! We offer other name brand products to fit EVERY need and budget from Wood/Clad Wood Windows & Doors, Siding, Entry Doors and even Vinyl windows.

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